Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"are you mommy or are you daddy?"

At this point in our parenting lives, with boys that are 2 and 5, KT and I have come to the realization that you never know where you will wake up in the morning or who you will wake up with.  Sure, it might sound like the wild college life to some but for us, it's just a fact of parenting.

Charlie is a very light sleeper.  Will is an extremely heavy sleeper.  I think KT and I are sort of in between the two.  I am way less likely to get up in the middle of the night though.

Last week, when I knew I wouldn't see Charlie for a whole week, I told KT to make sure I was the one that got up when Charlie got up in the middle of the night....'cause it's pretty much a given that he will get up.

So, around 2a.m. I got in bed with him and every time I would move an inch, he would jump and say, "Don't go mommy! Don't go!"

For several hours, we slept intertwined in one another because he must be touching you at all times when you are in the bed together.  Finally, when it was actually time to be awake, yet still a little dark, he grabbed my by the cheeks and with his morning breath and eyes half-opened, he said "Are you Mommy or are you Daddy?"  before planting a sweet kiss on my face.

Oh that boy.  That sweet boy.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Here we go!

I've gained an amount of weight that I am not proud of. At all.  So what does one do? Call Weight Watchers? Start counting calories? Binge and Purge? No. No. No.

You sign up for another race! There's nothing that holds me more accountable than a race on the calendar.

After MCM, I ran but it was obviously nothing like the 30+ miles a week that is required for marathon training.  And of COURSE I didn't stop eating like I was running 30+ miles per week.

Sure, I have to have that organ removed from my body on the 28th of this month but whatever.  I figured I'll train now, stop for a week or so and then pick up where I left off.  The gall bladder removal can't be much more than getting the stomach bug for a week right?  Right.

Today was the first 3 miles.  It felt good and I'm excited about doing what I love 4 days a week with my running girls.  And of course, slimming down again will be nice.

Friday, February 8, 2013

A lot of this....

is going on in our house these days.

A month ago, they started at daycare and now it's a fulltime thing.  He's pooping, peeing and wearing big boy underwear all the time unless he's sleeping.

Where did my baby go?

And yes, I'm very, very proud of him.  And I am SO HAPPY that this hasn't been much of a challenge.  Who says boys are harder to train than girls?!

Go Charlie!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

oh, the blog.

What to blog about, I ask? What to blog about?  No idea.

So when in doubt, you bullet:

  • New job is good.  A little slow at times, but good.
  • Running isn't happening much. It's that winter hibernation thing.  Gets me every year.
  • Charlie is a mess.  He won't sleep, is climbing EVERYTHING and is just, well, a mess.
  • But he's really, really cute.  And very funny and so sweet.
  • Will is doing great in Kindergarten but I'm not going to lie and say he LOVES school. Actually  I think he loves it because he's learning SO MUCH but given the choice, he'd stay home all day.  Oh, my sweet homebody.
  • I'm tired.
  • KT has a beard still.
  • KT is running.
  • It's cold.
  • I'm excited about the Spring and all that it brings to my soul.
  • It's cold.
  • Operation big bed is in full swing for Charlie. And potty-training. No wonder he's a mess.
  • Will is excited about joining me at my school next year.  I really can't wait either.  
  • I was ordained as an elder at our church.  Very cool. Added at least 2 more meetings a month.
  • I miss my dad.
  • I had a gallbladder attack in December and now have to have my gallbladder out.  Lovely.
  • It's cold and I'm tired.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Best December ever.

 This picture sums up my December.  Happy for another year of being here and being 35.  So far, 35 rocks.

35, baby!


On December 8, We went to see Santa with friends and invited everyone to our house afterwards for some Christmas cheer and maybe a birthday cake since my birthday was the next day.

What was so fun about the night is that everyone walked in my house happy and ready to celebrate anything that came our way.  We started with pics that were nice.

But as the night continued the laughter only increased.  We had the best time.  Kids were up and running around until 10p.m. and we were still laughing and dancing.  Literally the best and happiest birthday I've ever had.
Then 5 days later, I hopped on a plane and headed to Punta Cana for 5 days with my 3 oldest, closest, bestest of friends.  The four of us met in college and have stayed close since.  Jen (on the far right) had a birthday while we were there so there was lots of celebration.  Everyone keeps asking for more pics but unfortunately, many can't be shown.  Just because we are 35 and 36, and 3 of us have kids does not mean we don't know how to have a good time.  Whew.  It was a blast.

LOVE these girls!!

I was home for 3 days and then we left for VA for Christmas festivities.  Seriously. It's been a fabulous December.

There are a few people that read this blog that know there are a few not so great things that happened in December. I plan on blogging about that eventually. But for now, let's focus on the positive and what an amazing life I have. It's not much but it's fulfilling and happy. That's something, right? Here's to a happy and healthy 2013.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas before Birthday

I am a "no tree until after my birthday" kind of girl.  But this year, I have a few things making me want to put a tree up earlier.

1. peer pressure
2. friends over on Saturday for holiday/kid playing/fun/drinks
3. Dominican Republic trip for 5 days starting December 14
4. two very cute little guys that live with me.

So we have a tree. On December 2.  And, I love it.  It makes me so happy.  Now I just need to find the time to clean the rest of my house so that I can finish decorating.  I do love this time of year!

Friday, November 16, 2012


Does this sweet, chubby face look like it could hurt you? No! Of course not. 

Oh, but it did.

On Sunday, the boys and I were "snuggling" in my bed.  Charlie sat up and I guess thinking he had more room than he did, he threw himself backwards onto what he thought was the pillow.  But instead, I was there.

I sobbed, he sobbed and we all went on about our day.

On Wednesday, Hilly and I met for a short run and I felt TERRIBLE.  After a 3 mile run, I was surprised that I couldn't sleep at all that night. My body ached, my temp was fluctuating, I felt dizzy and all around icky.  So I started googling.

The next day, I go to see the school nurse and yes, she's convinced I have a concussion and says I need to go home right away and rest my brain.  Literally rest my brain.

So yesterday I sat on my sofa staring at the wall, got great rest and feel much better today.

Who would have guessed a concussion from my sweet baby?! Not me!